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The Pinkhawks

Lannie performed, wrote, and recorded with the Pinkhawks from 2010 through 2016.  The Pinkhawks won Best World Music Band in Denver according to Westword Magazine in 2014. She recorded on three albums. Click here to LISTEN!

Read about frontman Yuzo Nieto in a Westword Magazine article from Nov. 8, 2018.

Collaborations with Colorado Vocal Artists

Lannie has collaborated with creative vocalists.  She performed once with Venus Cruz (Westword's Best Jazz Artist 2018), recorded with Felix Fast4ward, and performed at DazzleJazz with Molina Speaks (Westword's Best Solo Artist 2018).


Lannie was a founding member of Zuruna Middle Eastern Ensemble and performed with them in Denver from 2009-2011.

2G Vibe

Lannie played violin and auxiliary percussion on an album written by Koffi Toudji from Togo, West Africa.  She met Koffi Toudji through a beautiful community dance class at Cleo Parker Robinson Dance School. 2G Vibe plays a unique blend of music from West Africa with a very positive message.

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